'Ring Sequencing'


'Ring Sequencing'


A 6-week Online course designed to teach you how to build strength using the ‘Gymnastic Rings’ & express it in a ‘Ring Sequence’.


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Ever seen Gymnasts pop out some extremely impressive sequence on the Rings? Although admirable, it also looks completely unachievable, right?

Most of us aren’t looking to compete in the Olympics, but that does not mean we can’t use the Gymnastic Rings. In-fact, I believe them to be one of the best pieces of exercise equipment for everyone; this course will show you how to use them at ’your current level’ & how to progress from there.

We are gonna use the Rings to; 

  1. Build Strength. Using clever progressions tailored to any level you will get everything you need to build strength towards skills like; Pull-Ups, Dips, Muscle-Ups, Shoulder-Stands, Skin-the-Cat & Levers.

  2. Express Strength. Expressing the strength you currently possess is, in my opinion, extremely underrated. What’s the point of building it if you don’t express it, after all? We are gonna use the Rings to ’seamlessly’ weave the above skills together into a ’Sequence’, regardless of which progression of the skills you’re currently practicing. This will develop a level of ’Self-Expression’ that is extremely rewarding.

The ‘sequence’ we’ll be working on; ’Muscle-Up -> L-Sit to Shoulder-Stand -> Negative Muscle-Up -> 360° Pull’.
There are three main components to this sequence; one move is below the rings (360° Pull), one is a transition from below to above the rings (Muscle-Up) & one is above the rings (L-Sit to Shoulder Stand).

Each of these parts will be broken down & practiced individually before putting it together in the sequence, that will include working on the following;

  • Muscle-Up

    • The ‘False-Grip’

    • Pull-Up

    • Dip

    • Transition

  • 360° Pull

    • Skin-the-Cat

    • Back Lever Pull

    • Front Lever Pull

  • Shoulder Stand

    • Top Support

    • Tuck to Tuck Shoulder Stand

    • Tuck L-Sit to Full Shoulder Stand

    • L-Sit to Full Shoulder Stand

We will build strength by progressing towards the “full” version of each skill, & by putting them together in the ‘sequence’.
Since every movement is scalable you’ll be able to execute the ‘sequence’ at whichever level you’re currently at; then we’ll simply continuously work on “levelling up”.

Let me state this clearly; this course is for ANYONE looking to get stronger & open their eyes to new ways of improving their physical capabilities.

Upon registration you will gain access to a (super secret😝) Facebook Group. All the communication, information & feedback will take place in this group. Every Monday you will receive a program for the following week (along with instructions & tips), the program will built upon the previous week. During the 6 weeks we will communicate, share successes (& failures😱) & grow together.
I will be available throughout the entire experience to coach, support & assist.

The course will include; 

  • 6 weeks of programming (delivered one week at the time). The program is yours forever.

  • A community of people working together.

  • Continuous & individual feedback (via the Facebook Group and/or in private).

  • Instructional videos for every exercise & movement.

  • A detailed breakdown on how to structure the program to fit your schedule.

  • Discovering a new way of training; a perfect synergy of ‘fun’ & ‘productive’.

What equipment do I need?
A pair of ‘Gymnnastic Rings’. That’s it!

How many days per week is the program?
Two to three days per week, each session lasting around 60min.

I’m a beginner on the Rings, can I still participate?
YES! One major reason for creating this program was to show how ‘beginner friendly’ the rings can be!