Online Coaching - xTreme


Online Coaching - xTreme

from 1,200.00

For the dedicated who wants nothing less than amazing progress through hard-work & exploration.

This is about self-development to the highest degree, both mentally & physically.
Let’s grow together.



  • Very comprehensive & individual coaching. I will be at your full disposal every day.

  • Programming tailored to make you extremely strong, mobile & physically capable in every way.

  • Constant communication & introspection around your practice; this is just as much about self-development mentally as it is physically .

  • Nutritional guidance to fuel performance, improve body composition & maximise well-being.

  • Your very own ‘Swole Leopard’ top.. 😜


  • Ability to practice at-least 6 days per week, 1-2h per day.

  • Access to the following equipment; Gymnastic Rings, Bars, Barbells (with plenty of weight-plates), dumbbells (1-30kg), resistance band & plenty of floor space,

  • Fully committed to continuously post videos, communicate & evaluate the journey with me.

  • Ability to follow instructions & take criticism productively.

  • Adjusting your lifestyle, schedule & nutritional habits to best suit what we regard as best.

  • An introspective mind & a relentless drive to improve yourself everyday.