'Hip Movability'


'Hip Movability'


Ready to upgrade your hips?

Move those hips!

”If you can’t move your hips, you’re fucked!” - Yoda

Do you want to be able to move freely in many different scenarios? I doubt I have to convince you that the hips are an essential part to make that possible..

Hips can extend, flex & rotate (internally & externally); in order to possess the hips of your dreams you need to be flexible & strong in every direction a hip can move, but you also need to ’practice moving’ in those ranges.

This program was created with that in mind; to increase the capacity to ’move’ our hips.

We will work on various positions which targets all the functions of the hip, and then moving in, out & between them. 

The result? Very mobile & strong hips giving you the confidence to move in whatever scenario you please.

One program is 4 weeks, however, each movement is broken down into progressions meaning you’ll be able to re-run the course (progressing every time) indefinitely.

What’s included?

  • A 4-week program (which can be repeated & progressed indefinitely) complete with instructional videos for every exercise & how to structure the program to fit your schedule. Upon purchase the program will be delivered to your e-mail along with instruction on how to best structure it to fit your life & training.

  • Access to a Facebook group with other people working on the program to interact, get motivated & have the opportunity to ask me questions & get feedback.

  • Hips that can MOVE (& most definitely don’t lie).


How much time do I need to commit to this program?

It’s up to you, but i’d recommend at-least 30-45min 3 times per week.

What equipment do I need?

None! I wanted to make this program as assessable as possible, so I made sure it can be done anywhere, anytime!

Can I do other training in combination with this program?

Most definitely!

I’m very stiff, can I still do this program?

YES, that only means you will benefit from it even more..