Workshops at 'The Gremlin Society'


Workshops at 'The Gremlin Society'

from 80.00

Handstand, Mobility & Acro-Yoga workshops at ‘The Gremlin Society’ the 11th & 12th of May.

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The 11th & 12th of May we're hosting 3 different workshops at 'The Gremlin Society' in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Handstand - Saturday 11th of May, 10.00-13.00.
The goal of this workshop is to teach you the principles of standing on your hands & how ’anyone’ can achieve a handstand, with the right approach. We will break things down & start with the very basics (hint; they’re the most important). 

The workshop will cover; 
- How wrist, shoulder & back mobility relates to stability & balance in a Handstand. 
- The ’theory of the handstand’; what creates balance, what the most important parts are, common weak links etc..
- Exercises & drills to take you from ’never having been inverted’ to standing comfortably & relaxed on your hands without assistance.
- How to structure your own practice in a fun & productive maner.

This workshop is suitable for anyone, regardless of your prior experiences with handstands.
Balance is not something you find, balance is something you create!

- Saturday 11th of May 10.00-13.00.
How much?
- 800kr/€80

Mobility - Saturday 11th of May, 15.00-18.00.
During this workshop we will be working towards the three most popular ’Mobility positions’; the Bridge, the Front Split & the Side Split. These three positions serves as an excellent thing to ’aim’ towards as they cover mobility across your entire body. Although it requires hard & diligent work to achieve the ’full version’ of this positions, the process ’towards’ them is the same for everyone (regardless of current level). We will share exercises & training strategies to show you ’how’ you can work towards (& achieve) these positions.
The workshop will cover; 
- The Bridge; shoulders, thoracic & hip flexor mobility.
- The Front Split; hamstring, calf & hip flexor mobility.
- The Side Split; hip mobility (abduction, adduction & rotation). 

By the end of the workshop you will have all the pieces you need to achieve very high levels of mobility, but more importantly; you will know how to ’get started’ & ’keep improving’, regardless of where you’re currently at!

- Saturday 11th of May 15.00-18.00.
How much?
- 800kr/€80

Acro-Yoga - Sunday 12th of May, 10.00-13.00.
Combining acrobatics, yoga and therapeutics, AcroYoga connects people all over the world, improving communication, body awareness, mutual trust, and self-confidence in a safe and fun environment, all the while increasing strength, flexibility and fitness level in its practitioners. AcroYoga can make you feel light as a feather or rooted like a tree. This practice is based on listening, trust and respect, and it is mainly about exploring and expanding your physical and psychological limits, overcoming fears when stepping out of your comfort zone and building trust and connection with other people. AcroYoga is a dynamic partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of the healing arts. 
No experience is necessary, everyone will find success You need not be a master gymnast, circus acrobat, or seasoned yogi to enjoy. Can’t do a handstand, or even touch your toes? No big deal. AcroYoga is a practice of substance, not flash. You’ll learn necessary building blocks to literally take whatever physical skills you have to new heights. 

No experience is necessary, everyone will find success. You can come with a partner or meet some new people at the workshop. We will bring you through the foundations and fundamentals of AcroYoga during this 3-hours workshop, introducing basic poses and flows in a fun and safe environment; all weaved with partner drills, games, smart and accessible progressions and lots of solar energy. 

- Sunday 12th of May 10.00-13.00.
How much?
- 800kr/€80

If you sign up for all three workshops, you will get the discounted price of 2100kr/€210.

Who are we? 
David Eriksson - @FreeTheFrame
I could deadlift 200kg but couldn’t touch my own toes. Things like this made me realise I had to change my training approach. I began thinking of things in a more general way, which generated an immense curiosity to explore the capabilities of the human mind & body in many different ways. This has lead to years of exploring different disciplinens & philosophies; gymnastics, climbing, handbalancing, mobility, yoga, floorwork to name a few.. I live my life traveling the world, continuing to develop my passion & knowledge by exploring the world, meeting likeminded people & teaching the things I’ve learnt this far.

Stefania Gremlin - @StefaniaGremlin 
I came from a classic ballet background, I started yoga 18 years ago for a bad knee injury , after a while everything was linked to that, my diet, my daily habits. I started studying yoga in all it's forms, yin, yang ,ashtanga, hatha, acroyoga, Ayurveda, yoga for medicine, rehab ,meditation and more.
Now I’m a yoga teacher , Ayurveda and healthy coach. I love laughing and joking, positivity for me is the key that keeps us ahead. I believe that practicing yoga or all types of movement training is a privilege. With this privilege comes a duty to be kind, to share a smile , and to offer my knowledge with my soul.

Viktor Sundin - @Viktor_Sundin
I started my career as a child playing football, floorball and hockey. Stiff as hell and allways having small injuries. When I was about 21-22 years old I quit team sports and found Calisthenics which later led me to the world of gymnastic strength training, mobility practice and movement.
Today I work as a coach at gym in Växjö and try to fill my days with as much movement as possible. Gymnastic strength training, Handstands, Mobility, Acroyoga, Slackline, Capoeira, Dance, Floorwork, Climbing, Acrobatics and Obstacle Course races.
I love to share my knowledge and experiences with others so that they also can find the same joy as I in moving and taking care of their bodies.

We are very excited, and we hope to see you for this weekend of learning & fun in May!