'Build a Bridge' Program

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'Build a Bridge' Program

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Get more mobile & less restricted by building a Bridge.

Build Your Bridge

With strength training we often set specific goals (ex. Squat 100kg), and in the process of striving towards that goal, we get stronger. 
With mobility, however, we rarely set specific goals. Why is that? We often hear things like "I'm so stiff" or, at best, "I wanna get flexible". Why do we treat mobility differently than other forms of training?
I firmly believe everyone can get mobile, but it requires a clever & specific approach.
Defining a specific goal is one part of that, and the Bridge is the perfect goal to strive towards; it will improve the mobility of your shoulders, thoracic & lumbar spine, hip flexors & more. By merely aiming towards it, you will get more mobile.

With a clear aim, a clever program & some work you will get more mobile than ever & be well on your way towards the full Bridge position.

The course will include; 

  • 6 weeks of programming. The program is yours forever.

  • Individual feedback from men when necessary.

  • Instructional videos for every exercise & movement.

  • Breakdown on how to structure the program to fit your schedule.

  • Learning how to continue to progress long after the course ends.


People who have tight shoulders, thoracic or hip flexors & are looking for a solution. People who wants to get more mobile, to feel less restricted in their body. 
And people who want a cool party-trick.. 😜


What equipment do I need?

None. This program can be done anywhere. 

How many times per week is the program?

The program will require you to do 2-4 sessions per week (varies slightly from week to week). One session lasts around 30min.

Can I still do other forms of training while doing in this program?

Yes! This is a great complement to other forms of training. 

I'm super stiff, can I still participate?

YES! The program will be customized for everyone. Don't get intimidated by the full Bridge, we will work at your current level. And trust me, you'll get to the full Bridge too.. 😉

Case Studies

Amanda Bridge

Amanda Smith

“You know when it actually feels good to stretch? Yeah, thanks to David, I’ve finally started to get to that point with my bridge. And that means more motivation, less back pain, and a whole new world of opportunities for cool IG posts.”

Niklas Bridge

Niklas Nilsson

“Before I met David I wouldn’t even think of going into the bridge position. With his help and intelligent approach I have gained confidence and also made a ton of gains towards the full bridge.”

Klee Bridge

Katharina Klee

“From a stiff tree to a bamboo.. David helped me to gain confidence, push my limits and cope with my fear. Working with him helped me increase my flexibility a lot but what's more important than that is: it increased the fun I have working on a certain skillset. ❤"

Viktor Bridge

Viktor Sundin

”One of my Mobility goals when I started training with David was to improve my Bridge. He gave me a new understanding of the move and knew exactly how to get me there. By smart programing and progressions customized for my current level my bridge have never been better!”


ALL of these were achieved during 6-week, using this program.