Programming Guidelines

There are a lot of details you need to understand to get the most out of this program. Every part of the program is there for a reason and meant to be followed accordingly. Below follows all the details you need to understand to be successful. Read it carefully, preferably multiple times. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact me about it. 

How to read the Program Charts

Each session is divided into three sessions; skill work, strength work & prehab work. Each part is there to help you build your Muscle-Up.

The sessions starts off with skill work. This is directly targeted for you to learn the technique of the Muscle-Up. Approach these exercises very mindfully. Understanding what you're doing is way more important than the sets & reps. Use the sets & reps only as a guideline and rest as long as you need to perform each set with the highest quality. Experiment with the amounts of sets, reps & rest periods and find what works for you.

Next comes the strength work. This is designed to build the strength necessary to perform a strict Muscle-Up. This is where it's beneficial to be a bit stricter. Follow the sets & reps along with the rest periods laid out. When there's two exercises grouped together (like Chin-Ups & Dips) you can choose to alternate between them (do Chin-Ups, rest, do Dips, rest, and repeat), this will save time and allow more total rest time between each movement.

You finish the sessions with prehab work. This is essential to make sure your joints are up to par to perform the Muscle-Up and to ensure you stay injury free throughout (and after) the program. Do not underestimate the prehab, it's of upmost importance to perform a Muscle-Up, not just to avoid injury. If you have access to light weights & a band, include those exercises as-well. If not, don't worry; just do the rest!

Quality over Quantity

In the program you'll also notice four numbers after some of the exercises. This alludes to the tempo you will perform that exercise. The four numbers prescribe the different part of every exercise; the eccentric (negative), the isometric at the bottom, the concentric (positive) and the isometric at the top.

The first number tells you how quickly you should perform the eccentric, the second number how long you should pause at the bottom of the movement, the third how long the concentric should be and the forth how long the pause at the top should be.

For example: 2012 means a 2 second eccentric (negative), no pause at the bottom, a 1 second concentric (positive) and a 2 second pause at the top. For a Chin-Up, this means you pull yourself up in 1s (concentric), pause at the top for 2s (isometric), lower yourself for 2s (eccentric). You do not pause at the bottom but go directly into the next rep. Note that some exercises start at the top which means you need to read the tempo differently. The first number is not the first motion, it's always the eccentric. If the first motion is a concentric, you read the third number first.


The progam is 6 weeks, but this does not mean you will, or should, complete the program in 6 weeks. Take as long as you need. However, do not skip weeks. 6 weeks is the minimum. The program builds upon itself from week to week. It is therefore very important that you start from Week 1 and only progress when you're ready. Lastly in each week I describe what you should aim to be able to do before progressing to the next weeks programming. Don't take these arbitrary numbers to seriously, but do not progress if you're not close to them, or if you simply do not feel ready. If you take your time to go through the weeks, you WILL achieve a Muscle-Up at the end of the program, probably sooner. If week 1 & 2 is very easy for you, good, that means you will get your Muscle-Up soon, but ONLY if you do not skip weeks. If the first couple of weeks is challenging to you, don't worry. Simply take your time and repeat that week until you feel comfortable. 

The Exercises

Each exercise has a video attached to it. The video will show you exactly how to perform the exercise along with a thorough description. Please watch & read the describing of every video before performing it. Keep checking it throughout the program to ensure you're performing everything correctly. 

  • Alternate exercises or not..
  • How to read the program charts
  • Don't progress until you're ready.
  • Skill -> Strength -> Prehab
  • Importance of elbows
  • Read the youtube description