I believe that there’s no one way of coaching. A teachers job is to constantly tailor & adapt to the student; understanding the complexity that training a human-being brings, that we are all different & that there are no cookie-cutter solutions or "correct" ways;
It depends.
As my good friend, Jon Yuen, puts it; "the art of being a health-care provider isn't first & foremost to provide bulletproof solutions; it is knowing how to deal with uncertainty.".
This requires individualization & communication, and being honest about your own limitations.

The teacher - student relationship is the most important. I want to get to know the person I'm training, I want our relationship to become a mutual exchange where both parties learn & grow. In-fact, I believe this to be a necessity. The 'student should teach the teacher' as-well. It is mutual.
A teacher is merely a guide. The learning takes place within the student. My job is simply to facilitate that; to point in a direction I believe benefits the student most in that given moment.

Bruce Lee puts it best: "A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself. A good teacher, therefore, studies each student individually and encourages the student to explore himself, both internally and externally, until, ultimately, the student is integrated with his being."