Stage 2 - The Transition

Warm-Up - 


10x5-10 Leg-Assisted Transition Repeats. 


5x5r Pulling-Prep. Tempo: 2012 -

Rest 60s

5x10-30s Top Support - 


8x1-2r Paused High Chin-Ups. Tempo: 3012 - 

Rest 120s

5x3-5r Dips. Tempo: 3111 - 


3x10-60s False-Grip Hang - 

Rest 120s


Elbow & Shoulder Routine - 


Progress when you can complete at-least 3r High Chin-Ups (lower part of rings below shoulders at top), 3r Deep Dips (shoulders below 90° at bottom) & 20s False-Grip Hang, all using the proper tempo.