'Devins Secret'

After having trained with & beside Devin for over a month, closely observing his approach, I’m finally ready to reveal ’THE SECRET’.

Are you ready for it? And no, it’s not the shorts.

In two words; ’execution’ & ’intention’. There is no secret exercise, there is no secret supplement, there is no secret training or nutritional protocol.

Devins approaches to the above are solid, but it’s not what’s impressive to me. It’s basic; it’s the stuff you likely already know. It’s not his knowledge on these topics which impresses me, yet he is one of the individuals I look up to the most (and I’ve met a lot of highly inspiring people the past years). So.. What is it..?

It’s his ability to ’execute’ on the knowledge he possesses, and the ’intention’ he puts into that ’execution’. 

Many people acquire a lot of information but they’re either incapable of applying it or overloaded by it (paralysis by over-analysis).

Devin is able to apply a very large percentage of the knowledge he possesses; this is very rare (because it’s difficult), and it separates him.

Perhaps even more importantly is the ’intention’ he puts into his actions. If you look at Devin during a set you’ll see how he puts 100% of his mental & physical energy towards the task at hand; without exceptions.

The ’intention’ he puts into each set is what makes the difference. Your 5 sets of 5 reps are not remotely as effective as Devins; that’s why he whoops your ass.

The fact that he will outperform himself the coming session is not due to the protocol he follows, it’s due to a deep understanding of how the ’intention behind ones actions’ is everything, and having the ability to ‘continuously & consistently’ execute on that understanding.

Now.. What do you do with this knowledge I just provided? You now have ’THE SECRET’. Do you store it in your already overloaded ”information bank”? How about some EXECUTION cocksucker? 

In what aspect(s) are you not executing, despite knowing damn well what you should be doing? How can you put more ’intention behind your actions’?

Call yourself out on your bullshit; take the hit(s), let it sting. I did, it stung.

So? Let’s pro-fucking-ceed & execute with intention. Bitches.