About Me

(I'm pretty silly)

I am David Eriksson. I am from Sweden. I am on a mission. 

My mission is to improve myself, to become the best ME I can. I am pursuing 'Self-Reliance'.

A major piece in this pursuit is 'movement'. Movement is an extremely broad term, and that's why I like it. It allows me to practice whatever I want to without limiting me to one thing. I don't have to label myself as "a climber", "a yogi" or "a crossfitter", for example. I am simply myself, exploring & learning wherever the road takes me. 
For me, this mindset opens up way more 'opportunity for growth'.

I might climb for a day, practice handstands the next, do an intense Crossfit WOD, practice Yoga while on a 3-day fast, learn how to dance, take an acrobatics course or get irrationally obsessed about balancing a stick on my middle finger.. 
Whatever discipline I partake in on a given day, one thing always strikes me; people are pretty damn awesome. I connect with new people & get an insight in their world. I learn new things, I gain a broader understanding of myself, and the world.
This is what truly inspires me. However.. I can't help but be slightly disappointed by one thing; why are these people not connecting with each other? Why are they sitting at different tables, isolating themselves..?
I see so many similarities across these cultures, yet most physical cultures are completely ignorant of each other. Think of a dancer. Now think of a thai-boxer. Pretty damn different imagery right?
Now think about the similarities of their practice. It is WAY more similar than different. These people have a great deal to learn from each other; not only to benefit their chosen discipline; but to grow as human-beings. 

This is what drives my mission. I'd like to 'bridge the gaps' between physical cultures. I want to show people we are way more similar than different.